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The words and phrases, "Building Community", "Missional", "Relevant", "Cultural Awareness", "Relationship", "seeker friendly", and "Meeting them 'Where they Are'", have become little more than post-modern code words for "hangin' out with sinners." And of course, the prime example is Jesus. After all, "Jesus ate with sinners." [Read...]


5/16/2006 12:00:06 AM - Read: 3639 Times 
Irwin Moon (1907 - 1981)
A True Scientist

I have been contacted by a relative of Dr. Irwin Moon, who I am refering to in this article, and have been told that Irwin A. (Armanus) Moon is actually Dr. Moon's Father. What I am talking about in this article are the science shows that I saw as a child that were performed by the younger Irwin Moon. But the "Can Jesus Be Trusted?" article (one of the absolutely finest examples of a gospel presentation that I have ever read) that follows in the links below this one were written by his father. Apparently, the "Fear of the Lord" runs in the Moon family. I only wish it were true in my own family.

If you are older than, say, 35, you may remember a man called Dr. Irwin Moon.

Mr. Moon traveled extensively doing an evangelical "science roadshow." I remember seeing him as a child in England, and his show was amazing - so much so that I never forgot it. He travelled all over the United States and Europe (or at least England where I saw him). I never remembered his name until twenty years later.

I remember one of his science demonstrations very clearly - so stunning was it. Imagine, if you will, a metal platform. Attached to it is a voltage generator producing about 1 MILLION volts (at very low amperage, I'm sure). When he turned it on, a deafening crackle filled the room, and purple-blue lightning leaped from the thing reaching almost to the ceiling of the large auditorium - snaking about like a live animal.

He takes off his shoes, and every bit of metal on his body, and climbs on top of this thing and turns it on. Lightning is leaping from his fingertips. And then, as if to stiffle any further doubt about it's authenticity, he takes a baseball bat, wraps tin foil around the end of it, and does the demonstration again, but this time, while lightning is leaping off his finger tips of one hand, the baseball bat in his other hand bursts into flames!

So incredible was the sight that twenty years later, when I would tell people about it, they wouldn't believe me!

Well, a few years ago, I found out who he was and that the entire series of experiements were available on video tape from Moody Bible Institute where he worked (and if not, they still pop up on eBay from time to time). I encourage you to find them and get them. The man was a true scientist - a man seeking the TRUTH about God's creation.

Today, we often mistake technology for science. Technology is not science. Technology is an application of science, and lots of people who are called scientists are in fact little more than technologists.

Mr. Moon was a true scientist through and through.

He was also a great bible preacher and writer, and one of the best, ever, books on what exactly Christian Faith and Christian Life are all about is contained in the book "Can Jesus Christ be Trusted?", which I have reproduced here in it's entirety.

I do not know if there is an applicable copyright. I do know that Mr. Moon himself would have wanted this message preached to as many people as possible, so I will.

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